404 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas…Start By Removing The Clutter Winter to Spring – 5 Home Decorating Ideas from Designers
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Cheap Home Decorating Ideas…Start By Removing The Clutter

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas…Start By Removing The Clutter

Declutter Your Home

Preparing to Decorate: Remove the Clutter Most of us would like to hit the ground running with a new decorating project but that causes more problems than there need be. Before

Declutter Your home

Declutter Your home

tackling any type of decorating, clear out any clutter that is hindering your efforts before  you start so you can  get a clear picture of what the room actually looks like, clean it up. You heard correctly: Clean out the unnecessary stuff you have collected over the years. This includes bins of old bills, papers, bric-a-brac, old purses, grandma’s furniture and old clothes. Many times, the problem is that there is not enough space because you are storing things that should have been thrown out long ago. Where to Start Begin with the paper. Most areas offer recycling now. Bundle old newspapers, school papers, old notebooks, ads and junk mail together and place in the recycling bin. For bills, invest in a shredder to take care of them before throwing them out in the trash. Clean out your closets. A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn it in at least six months, you probably never will. Give clothing away to Goodwill or hold a yard sale and make some change to fund the redecorating project. You’ll be surprised how much space you can find if the old stuff is carted away. Go to the attic. Clear out old toys and boxes that you never look into. A clean attic is a place to put the Christmas tree or box up winter coats and things that you want or need to keep that are cluttering up the living spaces below. Take Inventory of What is Left After all of the clutter is gone (this is not a one-day task), take stock of what is left. What about that old mirror in the hall closet? Can you use it? Repurpose some things around the house to be used to decorate another room. Put these things in one place so you can get a proper look at them and see if you can use them. It might require repainting but that is not as costly as buying new.

Declutter Your home

Declutter Your home

Go Room by Room Start with one room when you decorate. The trick is to completely finish one project before moving on to the next. To keep the momentum going, start small like a bathroom and work your way up to the living room and kitchen. Before you decorate, you have to clean up. It is hard to decorate and clean at the same time. Remove unwanted items from you home so you can start clean.    Declutter Your Home you will love it again and it will love you. Sometimes it is so easy to just accumulate things and leave the mess unattended to but sooner or later you will have to deal with it so why not start now by investing in ” Declutter Your Home and start 2010 off right.It has a money back guarantee so what do you have to lose.

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” Your Story Begins At Home ”

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  • Mary December 29, 2009, 6:35 pm

    This is such good advice. My problem is that when my daughter moved to Scotland, she packed up her stuff here and stored it at my house. Now she has moved back to PA, but hasn’t cleaned her “stuff” out of my house.

    I just told my husband I have to get our loft cleaned out so that I can put my office up there. Your post has really helped me get started. 🙂

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Winter to Spring – 5 Home Decorating Ideas from Designers