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Energy Efficient Home – 3 Places to Check For Energy Loss

Energy Efficient Home

It is so important today to conserve energy and we should all be trying How to Make Your Home Energy and Cost Efficientto figure out how to do this. if you are building a new home having an energy efficient home can be worked into your house plans. It is said that approximately 38% of our energy lose is lost through our windows. In some house plans people are cutting down on the number of windows they have for the very reason. energy efficient houses are in demand. The other places that we lose energy include ceilings, walls, doors, floors and just simple air infiltration. It is important that your have your central unit serviced regularly as to avoid problems. It is a good idea to test your heating unit before cold weather arrives.

It is also very important to keep the filters changed regularly so your unit can work properly. If you are building a new house you might want to consider double pane windows as they are very good at saving energy. I will list 3 places to check for energy loss and things you can do to help.

Energy Efficient Home..3 Places To Check For energy loss

1. Check all electrical outlets inside and out Check all outlets and see if you can feel air coming through them. this will include light switches. The outside outlets should be dealt with also. Losing energy in this places can be solved by adding a foam sealing casket to the inside of the outlet. Just remove the cover add the foam sealer and replace the cover.

2. Check all Windows and Doors There are different ways you can do this but one way that seems to work well is light something that just smokes, such as a cigarette and lay it down and watch to see if the smoke just goes up or is drawn somewhere. You can simply just feel for air around these places or look for cracks. If you places you are losing energy you can add rope caulking or weather stripping to doors.

3. Check plumbing, vents, and cracks in the foundation Check around all places that your plumbing enters the house and if needed add insulation if there are cracks that are letting in air. Check your foundation vents to be sure they are properly closed and sealed. Check to be sure your foundation does not have cracks that is letting in air. If there are cracks you can use foam sealant to fill them up.

These are just a few suggestions on how to save energy and you should look for them all. Saving energy not only will save you money it will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.If you would like to save costs on your energy bills you need to read

How To Make Your Home Energy efficient

How to Make Your Home Energy and Cost Efficient

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