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Teenagers Bedroom Decorating Ideas – 3 Ideas You Can Use

Teenagers Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teens may be one of the hardest to decorate for. Deep into their independent stage, teens often are just learning what they like and who they want to be. While some teens may be impressionable and want to copy everything about their favorite rock star, painting a mural of their star on their bedroom wall, may not be the best idea in terms of future decorating ideas. The following is a list of teens bedroom styles that might work for your home. Teenagers thoughts change everyday so give them plenty of time to make up their minds on the theme they want to go with and let them know that once you start that is the theme they will have.

1. If your teens carpet has seen better days but is still hanging in there, you can buy some affordable fabric paint and either create squares covering those not so good areas, or a full out artsy look by creating splashes of paint around the carpet giving it a far out style. Frame all artwork or posters with home made frames or simple wooden frames painted a multitude of colors. Depending on what your child may have in mind, you can even allow her to paint a mural on one wall encouraging her to express her creative side in a positive manner. If your teen is more into sewing or design work, let her create her own pillows or curtains.

2. Is the furniture looking a little old? Let your teen grab multiple colors of pray paint to create a whole new look. Whether they choose to do black, florescent pink, green or blue, they will not only have fun but create a whole new style for their furniture. Teen boys an often be difficult to decorate for. Allowing them to add their own flair by choosing their own comforter and pillow mix can get your teen boy more into it. Allow black for carpet, lamp shades, and other accessories as long as he doesn’t want to paint the walls black.

3. The third idea for your teenagers bedroom decorating ideas is to let them pick one out on their own. Their all lots of different kids murals that will be suitable for a teenagers room.Although there are many teens bedroom styles ideas to choose from, allowing your teen to add his own feel will help you to reconnect with your child and let you keep in touch with who they are growing up to become. After all they are your teenager they will not to pick out any thing to outrageous.

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