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Home Decorating Ideas With Simple Home Decorating Advice

Home Decorating Ideas

Simple Home Decorating Advice..Decorating a home is a matter of creating environments. You aren’t just working in three dimensions, you have a multitude of layers that you are developing the space for. Temporal, flux, flow, the constant motion of people rushing in and rushing out in a mad dash that never ends and never fails to alter the environment you so painstakingly crafted.

That’s why you can’t just think about decorating in the same way you would the other artistic forms. From painting a portrait to baking a cake, in art you seek perfection, the penultimate form of beauty. Decorating is also the pursuit of beauty, but there is no pinnacle of perfection towards which you can strive. Instead you must seek to ride the storm of activity which flows through the living spaces you are creating.

Flow is very important in decorating. People need to be able to easily move into and out of a room. If the passageways between spaces are blocked or clogged, it can make the whole environment feel congested. Better to have wide open spaces then rooms packed with clutter. Less is often more.

Color is a powerful tool for setting the mood of a space. It can cast a room in light or dark, it can simulate earth or sky, it came make an environment energetic, or languid. All of these moods are conveyed through the use of hue and tone. And yet, the wrong color can completely destroy an area. Be cautious as you proceed, feeling free to experiment with different tones, but then being willing to give up on experiments that don’t work.

The tool of color is further compounded by the color wheel, a rule of thumb that dictates the nature of interactions between different hues. Some colors are complimentary to one another, while others contrast, while still others clash completely, giving a space a confused look.

One trick for working with various colors is to find an attractive pattern that you are drawn to. Because the pattern is attractive, you know that the colors match well. You can then use the colors in that pattern as your primary guide for the entire room, matching tone and prominence throughout the space.

When designing a space, it’s important that the elements all match in style. Modern pieces will tend to clash with antiques. Square will contend with round, soft will battle with hard, and all of these conflicts will cause chaos and confusion within the environment. It is up to you to try and maintain consistency in a room. Further, some form of consistent style should flow throughout the entire house, ensuring that each room is more than just a disjointed island in a sea of confusion.

Decorating is about controlling the flow of people through your home, as much as its about developing a beautiful and impressive environment. Being a living art, it is more of a process than a single event. You have to slowly evolve your spaces over time, accommodating new elements, and directing others, to create an environment which is the perfect palace of your dreams.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_Slate

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Importance Of Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, carpet vacuum cleaner and washer, carpet vacuum cleaner rental ~ Home Design