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Interior Painting and Family Values

Layton Painting

Layton Painting

Growing up certain things intrigued me such as when my father would paint a room or bring much needed touch up to our front porch.

Interior painting is often very fun. It is a sign of customization and that comes with a good feeling of owning your own home.  Searching out the colors at Home Depot, Lowes or any of the many painting stores is not taken lightly.

Sure enough I started to enjoy painting and thought to myself “I bet I could share this with my kids one day”.

We can go to the paint store and pick out a color they like for their room and we can have a memory that maybe they will share with their kids.

Interior painting can be a great way for family to interact. It’s a simple process and lets your kids know they can accomplish something.

From going to get the paint to explaining the technique of how to paint this will be a memory your kids will long remember.

It will let them enjoy the value of family and take that with them later into their life. A value as strong as family, can be built just by going through the process of interior painting.

Teaching your children can be fun. Most children want to learn and taking the time to teach them is something they will never forget or you. Plan to paint a room today and include your children or grand children. Interior painting may take a little more time to learn so you might want to start with an outside project. Either way it should be a fun day.

Gail J Richardson

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  • Mary September 29, 2009, 3:34 pm

    What a great idea. If you’re a parent painting your childs room, you could even do some hand prints on the wall or make a grow chart with a different color.
    This is a great website.


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