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Decorative Bathroom Wall and Shower Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors Change Things Up

decorative bathroom wall mirrors

decorative bathroom wall mirrors

Sometimes the simplest changes are the most powerful in your home. One such change is to add mirrors to your design layout. Mirrors can be of any size and shape to fit your home decor needs.They can be one of the most impressive but cheapest decorating ideas you can have. They certainly can be an impressive focal point of any room. The most common place for decorative wall mirrors is in the bathroom. decorative bathroom mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. There are even shower mirrors that are wall mount and for convenience  do not fog up. Check out this Zadro Z500 Z Ultra Fog-Less Shower Mirror

Mirrors have a magical draw .What is it about seeing yourself in a mirror? You can admire or hate them, but you can’t stop looking at them. Use mirrors to enhance features in your home and create a showpiece that friends and neighbors will talk about. In a good way that is!

What Do Mirrors Do?

A mirror contains a reflective surface. You can see yourself and whatever is behind you at the time. That’s the key – mirrors aren’t just for your guests to admire themselves in. Sunlight bounces off of mirrors and dances on walls creating an untold number of effects.If you place mirrors on both sides of a wall have you ever noticed that they just keep going deeper and deeper. As the sun goes down, this can be a beautiful sight to behold as you relax in your living room or den.

Small Spaces

The use of mirrors can open up a small space. Let’s take a bathroom for instance. You already have at least one mirror in your bathroom over the sink most likely. Use a decorative wall mirrors

on the adjacent wall to create a feeling of depth to a small bathroom space. A mirror placed across from the bathroom window also adds depth to the room.

Use mirrors as artwork on the walls of your favorite room. Anyone looking in the mirror can get a panoramic view of the room. Unlike paintings, the view will change with the lighting in the room. When you choose to redecorate, it will give a whole new view too.

Large Spaces

Mirrors can turn large spaces into even bigger ones simply by using them to create an illusion. If you have the money and know-how, turn a wall into a mirrored surface. In your bedroom that area can be used to dress in the morning. For the sake of function, turn closet doors (sliding or opening) into mirrored surfaces. For those with smaller bedrooms, this is a great way to save space.

Large spaces provide a lot of surface area to play with mirrors. Instead of always using one larger mirror, try creating a collage surface with different sized mirrors. Creating a pattern of mirrors on a long wall in the living room or dining room, gives guests a view from several different angles.

Mirrors don’t have to be the same shape and size either. Use round ones for bathrooms, rectangular ones for the hallway and square ones for the kitchen. Mirrors can also be framed for a cleaner look that matches any color combination.

Hang your mirrors so that no hardware is seen. Be sure there is room enough in the hallways, for instance, so that the mirror can be raised from the surface but not so far out that people will nudge it every time they walk down the hallway.

Incorporating mirrors into your interior design is an easy way to add length and depth to small rooms. For larger rooms, it adds a new dimension to the space. Play around with different layouts of your mirrors and before you know it you’ll find the perfect solution to spicing up the decor of every room in your house. Decorative wall mirrors can be used in bathrooms ,living rooms,bedrooms, hall ways and just about any where you imagination will let you go. I’ve even seen them on ceilings. Go to Amazon and check out there large selection of mirrors and be sure and check out the

fogless mirror

fogless mirror

Zadro Z500 Z Ultra Fog-Less Shower Mirroa

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