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A Brief on Towels

Typically use to clean and dry a towel is made up of absorbent fabric or paperNatural raw materials like cotton, bamboo, non woven fibers and rayon are used in making of a towel.Historically Bursa, Turkey is the first city where the use of towels was prevalent.Even today, Bursa is known for its high quality Turkish towels.

Based on their uses, there are different types of towels used for varied purposes.A bath towel also known as bath sheet is used to dry the body after taking shower or swimming.A hand towel is smaller in size as compared to bath towel is used to dry hand after washing them.There are also disposable towels planned for single user, which can be reused but not washed.They are popularly used in hotels, hospitals and salons as they assure hygiene and cleanliness every time.

Towels are multipurpose products and they have multiple types based on the body part they dry or the function they are used for.After having a bath in order to protect the floor from getting wet a foot towel can be used as a substitute to bathroom mat or carpet.A gym towel also known as sweat towel is used to dry from sweat occurred during workout.Gym instruments can also be cleaned with the help of gym towel.In its raw sense, the sanitary napkin used by women during menstruation is also a type of towel.A dish towel also known as tea towel is used to dry dishes and cutlery after washing them.

Other then drying towels are also used for other purposes like steam towels are used by barbers to prepare skin for shaving.Towels can also be used as a provision for blanket

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or garment; they can act as extra layer of clothing in cold conditions or can be worn under the shoulder in warm environment.Hot substance can be easily held on with the help of towels.In warm Asian nations, towels of small size made up of Turkish materials are largely used as Handkerchiefs.

Towels are also popular amongst people having liking in arts and amusement.For the delight of the customers, towels are shaped in animal-shapes on cruise ships or at hotels.Towels of different colors are given to fans of relevant teams to wave and  applaud for their team participating in a sporting event.Owing to the popularity of towels, May 25, the death anniversary of author Douglas Adams towel day is celebrated.Undoubtabely towel has become an important facet of our routine life and towels of diverse materials and varied colors and feel are available in market which caters the requirements of diverse clients.

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Ryan BlogImportance and Uses of Towels