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Cheap Decorating Ideas…Have a focal point

Paint is one of the cheapest home decorating ideas that you can do and not break the bank. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole mood of a room. This will give you a chance to use your own creativity to change a room into your

Black and White Master Bedroom

own personal style. Every room should have a focal point. Decide what yours is and build around it. Here are 5 examples of focal points you might use and still stick to decorating on a budget.

1.Paint one wall a different color from the rest. You might hang you favorite picture on that wall and surround it with like pictures. Another good idea is to put your couch on that wall and this will draw attention to your focal point in your room. Using stuff you already have for a different purpose can take what you consider cheap home decor and turn it into a million dollar look. well almost.

2.Fireplaces. If your room has a fireplace don’t miss out on using this as your focal point. There are so many wonderful things that you can do with a fireplace mantle. It can hold a flower arrangement or your favorite family photos. At Christmas off course it can be a place for those stocking getting ready for things to come. This is my fireplace mantel in my study and you talk about some cheap decorating ideas well that pointed mirror is a yard sale item that cost $2.00

and that boat cost $4.00 at my local flea market but all things aside some of my most prized possessions are here.There is a picture getbudgetdecirating 026of my mother ,my husbands mother and our grandchildren. The things I enjoy seeing most are crowded in on that mantel.

Off course it may be different things for you but a fireplace mantel always makes a beautiful focal point. When I think of things that make me feel warm and secure , I always think of a big fluffy rug and my little furry friends laying there resting. And yes I do have furry friends in fact I have 3 and there names  are Sally, Sadie, and Daisy. They are my friends. They are with me always.

3.Another thing that I have found to be pleasing to the eye is a  pretty

ligetbudgetdecirating 034ght.This light was $85.00 at our local hardware store on the discount home decor aisle. It is a beautiful focal point for this bedroom . I painted the ceilings a different color than the walls and I was really happy with the look I got.

4.Wall Words. Have you ever noticed those words on peoples walls? Well I love them because they can be so personal and say what you feel  . You can custom order them at Wallwords.com .

I have used this company and I have found there products to be of a superior quality, however the price can be quite pricey .Check it out and you’ll see what I mean but you will also see that they have quality material. Very unique and I have been very satisfied with there customer support. If you find these wall words to be outside your decorating  budget there is another option. If you have a steady hand then you can outline your words and paint them yourself.  102_0141They will look great and if you have a little mistake no one will ever notice but you.     If you can’t make out the words in this picture they say…To Know When You Have Enought Is To Be Rich… Count Your Blessings.            5. Another thing that I think is a beautiful focal point is a unique ceiling fan. This is one I found a picture of at a local trade show. I searched until I found one.  It has been the subject of many a conversation because you don’t just see one like it every day. It is Unique. find something unique to you and use it as a focal point for your favorite room.102_0251 This ceiling was designed by my husband so it is a one of a kind.  This room has high ceilings so I added color to make the room feel warm and homey. Take a chance and do out of the ordinary and you may find your best results. You do not have to be by the book and there’s nothing wrong with cheap home decor as long as you mix it in with the items you love and they will all look great.

I have a new book out that has lots of great ideas that you may find useful and if you purchase today there are two bonus books to get with it so hurry before the price goes up. it’s just $27 right now.

decorating ideas for the budget mindedClick Here To Order


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  • diy fireplaces April 14, 2010, 12:02 pm

    the easiest way to decorate the fireplace is to put candles all aroudn the hearth or inside of it if you cannot use it.
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  • Shaine October 4, 2011, 10:35 am

    Great post. I’ve never been able to post M-F, I’ve tried and found it to take away some of the fun of it all (which is what I do this for, a creative outlet from the paying job). I found 3 times a week to be enjoyable and do-able…thanks for the pictures..
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  • Lavinia October 24, 2011, 9:45 am

    This is s great idea for our new house.. Thanks for sharing!
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