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Unique Ceiling Designs

Designing ceilings that are uniquely for you. One of the most intriguing things about a house to me is the ceiling designs. There are your basic flat ceilings and there are tray ceilings and many more. What I am going to show you today are ceilings that were designed by  my husband and me. Did you notice the hand painted ceiling medallion? I painted that myself.  I think ceilings ad so much character to a house and if  they are done in  the initial building process they do not ad as much expense as going back and redoing them. This is one of my favorite rooms and I just call it the pink room. This room was designed especially for the granddaughters in our lives. When they come to visit it is always a special occasion.


Ceiling Medallion

The design of  the ceiling was one of our first unique ceiling  designs. The ceiling steps down steps down 3 tiers . This fan is my favorite as the blades go out farther and

father as the speed of the fan goes faster. at the base of the fan there is a hand painted ceiling medallion that I painted myself to keep the cost down plus it gives the room a very personal touch. The next unique ceiling design is another one of a kind and we will just call it the gold room. I’m not sure where my husband came up with this design but I will let it speak for itself . It has a lasting effect on everyone that sees it. I often thought if I had a little boy at home what it would look like with a race track painted on it. Well here’s the gold room. The ceilings in this bed room are 10

foot tall and the high ceiling seems to ad size to the bedroom and the ceiling keeps you always looking up. This is the room that I use for my office and the one place that I go to gather all my decorating thoughts. There are shelves lined with all my most precious books.the lights in this room are recessed in the circular part of the ceiling that is painted gold and has a contrasting effect against the white ceiling.

This ceiling is painted a lighter shade of tan to match the brown suede walls. in the upper part of the ceiling there is gold tin. the ceiling here is 10 foot and steps up to 11 foot. I love the high ceilings and painting them a coordinating color to the walls ads warmth. I guess you can see that I love crown molding and in a later article I will show you some up and close tips to make your crown molding appear larger than it is which can save you a great deal of money.


I love the finer things without the finer cost.  If you would like to have a ceiling designed by me feel free to contact me . It is what I love to do. The next ceiling that I would like to show you is a coffered ceiling and it was in the house plans but beautiful non the less the coffered ceiling goes way back in time and has a uniqueness of its own. It is the most

beautiful ceiling of them all. It is 12 foot tall at it’s highest point and commands your attention . Sometimes these ceilings are done in a rich mahogany. I choice to paint mine but that is strictly a preference thing. They are beautiful either way. Once again the crown molding is what really sets this ceiling off. This is one ceiling that just wouldn’t be right without it.




I have one more ceiling to show you tonight and it is the barrel ceiling and we decided to ad one to our master bedroom which turned out to be quite a choir since it wasn’t in the house plans.

This picture does not do this barrel ceiling justice and I will try to ad some better pictures . Once again if you would like to have a unique ceiling design please contact me by posting below or more contact information is on my contact me. Please leave any comments below or ask any questions that you have.  If you would like more tips on my design ideas please go back to the top of the right hand side of the page and join my mailing list and remember that your information will not be shared with anyone. If you would like to submit a picture and get a decorating opinion please go to the contact page to leave message and upload pictures.

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    I really like unique ceiling designs and I am glad that you do to. The lighting you offer is very nice. The barrel vault ceiling is very different and very lovely

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    Thanks for visiting Dime Decorating and I will be posting new ideas for spring soon.If you have ideas you would like to see please leave a suggestion.
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