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Cheap Home Decorating Ideas With Paint ..10 Tips For a Good Paint Finish

I love paint. Painting is one of the best cheap home decorating ideas to chance the whole look of a room. Anyone can paint if they just abide by a few tips. I will give you 10 tips that should help you get a good paint job.First decide what color you want to paint your room. Somethings to consider are how much light filters into the room and how much time you will be spending in this room.Definitely pick out a color you really like if this is a room where you spend a lot of time. Below are 10 tips to get a good paint job.

1. Clean dirty surfaces so the paint will be able to bond properly to your surface.

2. Patch any holes in the wall and lightly sand to a smooth finish.The porous fillers usually absorb the paint and the wall will have a different sheen if you do not use primer on these spots.So primer first.

3.Use cloth drop cloths. Regardless of how good you are spills happen. even with drop cloths clean spills up at once as they may bleed through or you might step in them and track paint.The reason I say to use cloth drop cloths is because plastic drop cloths are very slippery and do not stay in place.

4.Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket or enough to do your room.the reason for this is because even though your paint should be the same color it’s not a perfect world and sometimes its not. By mixing it in a larger bucket your paint will all be the same. Mix well.

5.Paint the trim first.The ceilings and then the walls.let the trim dry for at lease 24 hours before painting the walls.you can tape the trim off if you like but use a easy release tape.Be sure to get a smooth finish on the wood trim.

6. Once the trim paint has been allowed to dry for 24 hours .Cut the tape loose and the reason being for this is that if you just jerk the tape of I can guarantee you that you will pull some of you new paint off with it. So use a utility knife and cut down the edge of the tape and gently pull the tape off.

7.Avoid lap marks. To avoid lap marks roll the full height of your wall and keep a wet edge .With each up and down roll move the roller over slightly each time.

8.When you trim out the corners and places that your roller can’t go immediately roll the edge of where you have painted with the brush to cover up the paint brush marks. I like to use Prudy Paint Brushes because they do not shed and they clean-up and last really well.

9.Feather out paint with your brush where you can’t keep a wet edge so the brush marks won’t show.

10.A second coat on the trim may be necessary if this is the case then you should lightly sand the trim for your smoothest finish.

Side Note:Even thought paint is one of the best cheap home decorating ideas you still want to do a good job.

Now it’s time for the clean-up. double the life of your paint brush. Use newspaper to wipe excess paint and then place in warm water. Next put the brush under running water and the best way to help loosen unwanted paint is to push down the length of the brush with a wire brush.Run water over the brush until it runs clear.Clean-up is the life of you paint brush.Use running water to clean up your roller covers also. Just continue to run water over them until the water runs clear.squeezing from the top and pushing towards the bottom of the roller cover will help get it clean. If you really want to and you do a lot of painting they make a roller washer. One more tip that I have found really helpful is this. Before you replace one of your light covers, take a piece of masking tape and write on it how many gallons your used for this room and include the color formula sticker and if the room needs a touch-up there will be no guess work.

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Hi my name is Gail J Richardson and decorating is my passion. I love it when I can find something to decorating with cheaply. Cheap home decorating ideas are at the top of my list. I also love helping my family to decorate and teaching my grandchildren how to do stuff. Children love to be involved.

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