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Santa Letter,Milk,Pink Snuggy,Snuggies for Pets

Hello Santa

Hello Santa

Letters for Santa.

Do you remember what it felt like to write that letter. well I certainly do. I guess that is something we never forget. It is a very peaceful time in life and reserved for the innocent and little at heart. Kids all around the world are enjoying and preparing for the arrival of Santa. Take time to enjoy the season and be with the ones you love. The holiday season is a time for joy. Putting up the tree is one of my favorite things to do . Shopping is not. I love the fact that most of my shopping can be done now from the comfort of my living room. I do not like the crowds . We have come a long way from walking the downtown streets going in and out of the different shops. I can remember doing this with my mom and loving every minute of it at the time. I guess when you are a kid it all seems like fun. Now I do most of my shopping at Amazon Shopping because I never leave the couch and the warmth of my fireplace. If  new bedding is on your list

Pink Snuggie

Pink Snuggie

Amazon has plenty.

If a pink snuggy is on your list they have that too. What better way to cuddle up with your favorite book than a new Pink Snuggie . Can you believe they even have snuggies for your pets. I don’t know about you but my precious

Pet Snuggie

Pet Snuggie

little pet deserves one. Order your snuggies for pets

today for $11.99 and there are blue ones also. I guess I better get back on the Santa subject because he will be making his rounds shortly. If you are still wondering  what to buy for that special little one, why not sit back on the couch and shop Amazon and have it delivered to your front door. Order a Snuggie and sit by your lovely fireplace.

Have a Merry Christmas. Please go back to the top of the page and sign up to get your free Decorating Book as a gift from me and please leave a comment below. I would live to hear from you.

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