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Everyday Energy Tips

How would you like to save hundreds every year on your utility bills? You can with the tips you Everyday Energy Tipswill find in… Everyday Energy Tips.

The average family currently spends $1600 each year on utilities, and that amount is expected to rise drastically this year. A lot of the energy costs for a typical home is wasted though and this is where you can save 10% to 50% on your utility bills. In Everyday Energy Tips you will learn:

  • How to find energy leaks in your home
  • Low cost ways to seal your windows against energy loss
  • How your landscaping can save you money
  • How to determine if you have enough insulation and where to add insulation for the most savings.
  • And many more money saving tips!

The trick to getting the most savings is to use a whole house approach, from the roof, walls, and insulation that enclose it to the appliances and lights inside, using the simple and practical tips you will find in Everyday Energy Tips.

It’s up to you, put more money in the pockets of big oil and foreign governments or save hundreds and help the environment at the same time with a little effort and the tips in this eBook. You can get started saving hundreds immediately for only 17.00 $3.99.