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Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – 3 Reasons to Understand the Color Wheel – Color Matters

A color wheel is an abstract organization of hues around a circle, showing relationships between colors considered to be primary, secondary, tertiary colors. You want harmony with your schemes. Harmony can be defined as a pleasing arrangement of parts. Color harmony is pleasing to the eye and can create a balance of visual experience. If it is not harmonious it could be boring or to wild to look at and you being satisfied with in your end result. Color harmony has visual interest and order. One thing that is important when you are choosing you paint colors is to determine what the room will be used for. That said if it is a room you will be only using off and on during the day you could be a little more daring and choose colors with less harmony if it pleases you.

When you are choosing colors for a living room or kitchen I would say to still to colors with harmony. Color is the quickest and most inexpensive way to create a totally new look in your home. Using bright colors in a room can be very stimulating while whites and beige can be very calming and relaxing. Personally I love bright colors and I have been known to go against the color wheel and be bold. I guess this a lot about my personality but if you have a hard time choosing colors you may want to stick to the color wheel because it will not lead you wrong.

When choosing colors for your trim I choose to stay with a trim white but you can also go two or three shade little than your wall paint. Crown molding really makes your room. Install crown molding and learn how to make the cuts and install it yourself. I have also started using colors in my rooms for the ceilings that are two or three shades lighter than my walls. This really works well for the higher ceiling because it adds warmth to the room. The three different colors on the color wheel are listed below. Choose your colors wisely as not to have to do more than once. Cheap home decorating ideas are good but you do not want to be doing it over. Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel go together in harmony.

In color theory, these are the 3 pigment colors that can not be mixed by any combination of the other colors. Different colors are derived from these 3 hues:

PRIMARY COLORS Red, yellow and blue
SECONDARY COLORS Green, orange and purple are colors formed by mixing the primary colors.
TERTIARY COLORS Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green.

The three main reasons to understand the color wheel are:

1. To have colors that are pleasing to the eye.

2. You do not want to be doing your paint job over to quickly and with paint being the cheapest way to spruce up a room your time and labor are worth something.

3. Understanding the color wheel will help you get paint harmony in your home and make it a pleasing place to call home, and having someplace to call your special retreat at the end of the day can change your hole attitude.

Gail J Richardson of Dime Decorating would like for you to visit and explore all of the cheap home decorating ideas. If you would like to learn how to install crown molding your self I have an inexpensive guide for that too.

Gail J Richardson

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